Stacey Vincent Cress



  Stacey originally hails from the Ojibwe Community of Garden River First Nation near Sault Ste. Marie, ON. The Traditional name of his community is Ketegaunseebee, which translates to the Creator’s Garden.

Stacey’s formal education from Cambrian College originally prepared him to work in the field of Social Work with Indigenous Peoples, Communities and Organizations. Stacey spent 17+ years in the social work sectors of child development, child welfare and foster care, to the health field in primary health care and health promotion and working in Post Secondary education Teaching Indigenous Studies and then on to Corporate Training Department and Continuing Education with Northern College in Timmins, ON This is where he was introduced to the Mining Sector.

Stacey spent 4 years working with the Detour Gold Corporation at Detour’s remote mine site on a week-on and week-off rotation in the capacity of Employee Development, Aboriginal Affairs and providing support Human Resources and the Operational Management Team. Stacey took a Lead Role in relation to training Site Wide, where there was a strong focus on developing “new leaders”, that focused on true interactions with Employees as well as Supervisors, Superintendents and Lead Hands focusing on the impacts they can have with Employees. 

Stacey then moved on to work at Newmont Goldcorp Borden Gold Mine in Chapleau, Ontario for the First Nation Communities as a member of the IBA Negotiation Team and eventual Implementation Program Manager of the Impact Benefit Agreement for the three (3) Chapleau based First Nations. A strong emphasis on Employment and Training, Employee Retention as well as TRUE Business Development of Partnerships with the First Nations.  

Stacey now enjoys working with Waubetek in his current capacity as Mining Project Manager and focusing on Indigenous relationship development with Mining industry Partners, developing the Association of Indigenous Mining Suppliers and Services as well as the first of its kind in Canada and the World – the Centre of Excellence for Indigenous Mineral Development. 

The Centre of Excellence for Indigenous Mineral Development will be the first of its kind in Ontario, Canada and Internationally. The Centre will focus Mineral Development focusing on key users including Indigenous People, Businesses and Communities, Governments – Indigenous and Non-Indigenous at all levels and regions, Post-Secondary Institutions from partnerships of development of case studies focusing on Mineral Development best practices, case studies and promotion of Indigenous Participation in Education and Career Development. The Third Key User/Stakeholder will be Mineral Development and Mining Industry Partners.

The Centre of Excellence will become a resource and clearing house of information, case studies, relationship development and engagement for ALL identified Users/Stakeholders. 

The Waubetek Business Development Corporation is an Aboriginal-owned and controlled organization that delivers business financing and economic development services to First Nations and Aboriginal businesses located throughout North-Eastern Ontario. Waubetek are members of the network of Community Futures Development Corporations in Ontario and Aboriginal Financial Institutions in Canada.

Waubetek’s goal is to assist in strengthening the economies of the local First Nation, as well as the whole region of Ontario and Canada, through business and community development.

``Waubetek`, meaning ``the future`` in the Ojibwe language, has been honoured to provide a variety of business services and commercial financing to more than 3,000 Aboriginal businesses in a variety of industries since 1989.