keynote speakers

Ian Pearce


 "As industry undergoes transformation it is clear that a conversation around employee engagement is critical.

 This session will capture the start of a much needed conversation"

Stephen de Jong


" I learned one of my most valuable lessons only a few years into my mining career: knowing when to admit I didn’t know the answer. I believe the most successful leaders are those that rely on a team of experts and trust them to make decisions, try new things and make mistakes. If you truly want to innovate and change the way things are done, you have to create a space where employees and collaborators are willing to take risks under your leadership"

Workshop Facilitators

Stephanie Deschenes


"I am delighted to be part of MECA, a new symposium that focuses on the incredible power of soft skills.  As technology increasingly changes the workplace, it is more important than ever for people at all levels of organizations to build the skills they need to work together, communicate effectively and deal with challenging issues.  I look forward to helping technically strong people bring new skills to their professional tool boxes that will contribute to advancing their careers and, ultimately, the companies they work for.

Bill Richardson


Miranda Rocca-Circelli


"I am involved with MECA because of the brilliant and talented people who have come together to foster a change in how we as individuals engage with ourselves, our work and our colleagues. To have an opportunity to work with so many like minded professionals who truly are passionate about finding solutions that can help foster a more engaged workforce is an experience that is meaningful and will have a great impact on the community at large. I am honoured to be part of a team looking to contribute to the greater good of the mining industry."