2019 Executive committee

Roy Slack, Honourary Chair


 I have been involved in various efforts to drive diversity in our own organization and had known Samantha for many years and had met Theresa on many occasions. When they presented their idea of MECA, which would help enable both employees and employers to “arrive and thrive”, I was intrigued by the idea, and was energized by their enthusiasm. I look forward to supporting the conference but more importantly learning and applying those learnings. 

Samantha Espley, Honourary Chair


  Diversity and inclusion is all about leveraging humanity’s greatest gifts. This is a concept right now that needs action to make it a reality for every segment in society. Mining is a strong pillar in our Canadian economy and MECA is a new forum to further develop the people in this vital industry. This is the start of a new educational series to engage and accelerate people development in mining as a perfect supplement to the CIMs already long-standing reputation for technical excellence. I am thrilled to be the honorary chair for the first MECA symposium in my hometown of Sudbury, a deep, digital mining hub.

A Message from our Honourary Chairs

  We are pleased to welcome you to the City of Greater Sudbury for the inaugural 2019 MECA symposium. A team of mining industry professionals has dedicated time and energy to create this amazing experience for your personal growth. Mining is a strong pillar in our Canadian economy and MECA is a new forum to further develop the people in this vital industry. This is the start of a new educational series to engage and accelerate people development in mining as a perfect supplement to the CIM’s already long-standing reputation for technical excellence. We look forward to supporting the conference but, more importantly, to learning and applying those learnings in our own interactions.

-Roy Slack and Samantha Espley

Theresa Nyabeze, Co-Chair


 For years I’ve had a quote stuck in my head “if you take care of the people, the rest will follow innovation, safety, profits.” Just like the IRS - Internal Responsibility System that encourages individuals to also participate actively in their safety management, I believe it’s equally important to foster environments that allow people to really thrive in the workplace. I am passionate about the 360 degree development of all members of the mining industry from technical to soft skills. I am excited to see MECA spark something in our attendees!  MECA was sparked by a notion that to go far go alone, but if you want to go further go together! 

Esa Melantie, Co-Chair


 The foundation of an organization is its people and at the root of its success is the culture these people foster.  We develop great technical skills through education and its application throughout our careers.  However, not enough attention is placed on the soft skills, the people skills, to become successful leaders and successful organizations – organizations where people want to work, enjoy working, and want to go the extra mile.  Terms like mindfulness, wellness, and mental health have now become part of our common vocabulary.  I believe MECA can spark a movement of soft skills that can transform organizations. This spark is something I want to be a part of - for myself, the company I work for, and the community at large.

Miranda Rocca-Circelli


 I am involved with MECA because of the brilliant and talented people who have come together to foster a change in how we as individuals engage with ourselves, our work and our colleagues. To have an opportunity to work with so many like minded professionals who truly are passionate about finding solutions that can help foster a more engaged workforce is an experience that is meaningful and will have a great impact on the community at large. I am honoured to be part of a team looking to contribute to the greater good of the mining industry. 

Brianna Simeoni


MECA has provided me with an incredible opportunity to work alongside a variety of community builders and leaders from all backgrounds. I have been rewarded with immense insight and knowledge as to where the industry and individuals require attention. MECA will allow a shift in the mining industry that has yet to be accessed or fostered. I feel very fortunate to be included in this dynamic team of enthusiasts looking to foster change and engage those within the mining industry. 

Trang Tran-Valade


 The mining industry is embarking on an exciting transformation; one that includes harnessing technologies like digital platform solutions and industry 4.0 concepts. This transformation is one of the many triggers for change in culture and required skillsets. I am working with the MECA team to support the creation of a more inclusive and welcoming industry. The mining community will be safe and attractive to ALL. We will not only attract new, young, and tech-savy talent, we will support their growth and development, allowing them to thrive and be successful. 

Negar Saeidi


Our mining industry is evolving through integration of new technologies in mining practice. This integration needs to be supported with a systematic development of mining industry employees’ skill sets including both soft and technical skills.

I am involved with MECA because I want to contribute to building a platform that initiates intentional soft skills development and encourages engagement of broader technical skill sets in the mining industry.

Brianne Valdes


  With innovation and new technologies acting to reshape and evolve the mining industry,  it will become increasingly important to equip  stakeholders within the mining sector with new skillsets.  It is imperative that we think differently about how we lead others, about how we can strengthen corporate culture and how we can enagage more authentically in order to successfully manage change and uncertainty.  

MECA has allowed to me to work alongside like-minded individuals who recognize the value of soft skills development in an age of transformaton within the mining community. 

Charles Nyabeze


 MECA, in my opinion, will build peoples social intelligence; this need is being driven by the growing encroachment of the social side of our humanity into the workplace. Our society tends to put more emphasis on academic achievements, works experience and IQ, but our relationships are actually what is key to living life more abundantly. MECA will make people smarter in the areas that count the most. 

Baileigh Sirman


 Belongingness is the human emotional need to be an accepted member of a group. This includes your workplace and coworkers, people tend to have an “inherent” desire to belong and be an important part of something greater than themselves.

Arriving and thriving can be attributed to feelings of inclusion and engagement, something I am passionate about.  MECA provides an opportunity for like minded people to share their enthusiasm, while developing the soft skills required to achieve the success of an engaged workforce within the mining industry.

Shannon Katary


 MECA is an opportunity to bring together the complete mining cycle and focus on what it takes to harsh the expertise and experiences to advance the global mining industry through collaboration. It is the people behind the companies, programs and projects that inspire the great ideas and innovations. How we connect, collaborate and implement though ideas takes skills, talent and strategic processes to integrate This one of a kind networking symposium will highlight EDI processes and business development skills and techniques needed to take collaborative innovations to market. Together we inspire the world to think differently. 

Lorelei Ratushniak


 I am working with the MECA team, as a first step, in helping the mining industry advance to a more inclusive, aware, and engaged workforce where organizations can collectively arrive safely and thrive in their environment. 

The MECA symposium is a unique opportunity to shed light on some of the most overlooked challenges within the mining industry; mental health, conscious awareness, and emotional intelligence (to name a few). While there are many events around the ever evolving culture and technological advancements of AI, big data, battery electric vehicles and so on - MECA’s purpose is to drive a more HUMAN experience to the industry and to better equip each of us with the tools to help navigate through the many social challenges we face in our work environment each day.